31 March 2008

Occasional dressing

I was going to go to Forever 21 to see if I could pick up some knock-off funny accessories to wear with my Bernhard tomorrow, but I'm too tired, so I'll stay home, order dinner, and watch The Hills instead. I think my favorite publicist in New York, Kelly Cutrone, is on the show tonight.

I've never been much for special occasion dressing -- to be honest, one of the biggest reasons I didn't go to my senior prom was because I honestly could not be bothered to find a dress. And, lucky for me (maybe not for my friends), most of my friends have not yet gotten hitched, so I've been lucky enough to skirt the wedding-guest-dress-buying experience. One of my best friends from high school got married last fall and I think I wore something totally inappropriate and too short... (sorry, d). Anyway, between Saturday's baby party, on which the invitation read "creative red dress" and tomorrow's dinner and dancing for DIFFA, I've had kind of a whirlwind week of desperately trying to find something appropriate to wear. It is harder than I thought. Between the very particular dress codes, my very specific ideas on what I want to wear, and the state of the dollar v euro, it's been murder trying to find something really great for not a lot of money. For tomorrow's benefit I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to find something for under $1000. In the end, my Bernhard dress was totally affordable and isn't all that fancy (it's made of black jersey), but it's pretty out there, silhouette-wise, and I've got some great shiny leggings to go with it, so i think it will be weird enough.

Yeah, that's what it's come down to -- if you can't beat 'em, weird 'em out.