23 March 2008

The last of the best

Know me, know my obsession with Maybelline's Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid lip gloss in "Pink Diamonds." With all the cool products I get to test out day after day, this is the one gloss I keep going back to in my personal, daily life -- over the past few years I've bought dozens and dozens of tubes. Unfortunately, since Maybelline decided to phase out and discontinue this product last year, I've resorted to the internet to buy up cases of it. Today, I just picked up 23 tubes, the last bit of stock from buymebeauty.com. Ack.

I know lots of people have experienced the panic of discontinuation -- most of the stories I've heard are about high-end color cosmetics and fragrances that are now only available in niche European markets. Anyway, I guess it's my turn to panic. I can't believe I just spent $137 on Maybelline lip gloss, but really it's that good. And definitely the most photogenic lip gloss out there, hands down.