24 February 2008

The JFK Terminal 7 over-development-purgatory

T7 at JFK used to be civilized. Now, after a year-long (over)construction project, it's a bungled overcrowded mess. The bathrooms are disgusting and poorly maintained (um, half the door locks have been broken for over a year and there's only one soap dispenser in the women's room. Gross). There's nowhere quiet to sit and wait -- it used to be calm and quiet near the laptop ports, but now there's a Brookstone there that blares bad bad bad techno remixes of bad bad bad disco songs at top volume.

The vastly reduced the size of the duty free booze-and-beauty store, and moved the bank of pay phones -- excuse me, they reduced the bank of pay phones to just two -- to a main area by gates 4 and 5, right in the fray of things.

Gates 5 and 6 share a tiny seating area, and this afternoon, with British Airways and Iberia boarding from 5 and 6 respectively one after the other, it is a huge clusterf**k of people standing around, sitting on the floor (me) and generally getting crankier and crankier.

Great work guys.

Also I have learned this afternoon that flying on a Sunday late afternoon is horrible. There are too many people.

Also I don't understand British Airways upgrade policies. To get a full r/t business class ticket from jfk to lhr costs 100,000 miles. But after purchasing a ticket, calling up and asking to pay 50,000 miles to upgrade just one part of one leg of the flight? No go.

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