10 February 2008

1991 Teen Fashion

Instead of cleaning my apartment in preparation for a houseguest arriving from London tomorrow, I was rooting around my bookshelf and found my Junior High School yearbook. The best pages? The "Today's Fashion" spread featuring representative students from five groups -- Preps, Hoods, Japs, Metal, and Unique. Here's how their styles are described:

"JAPS: Benetton, Big John's, Eg's, Gap, Keds
PREPS: Bass, Gap, Esprit, LL Bean, Dockers, Penny Loafers
HOODS: Fila, Levi's, Uan's, Overalls, Red Lipstick
METAL: Ripped Jeans, metal shirts, High Suede Boots, Flannels, Mini Skirts
UNIQUE: Tie Dye, Bell Bottoms, Platform Shoes, Dangly Earrings."

In retrospect? The most timeless styles are the "Metal" and the "Hoods." Now let me go try to find some "Uan's" (whatever they may be) on eBay...