November 18, 2007

bon weekend

My friend Eero has been in town for a few days so we met up on friday night for a late macrobiotic dinner where we talked a lot to the older lady seated at the table next to us about the films she's seen recently (she recommends 'bella' and 'once'). Saturday I grabbed a French toast brunch with Gazza, where we griped about our respective jobs, and did some shopping before heading home to dinner with family in honor of my mom's birthday. I brought my brother's dog, Hero, a Henrietta the Sexy Chicken dog toy, which Hero promptly beheaded and dismembered. Today, brunch at Max Brenner, then a walk around the West Village, paid my weekly visit to MMM, picked up a copy of Encens, that French magazine, and saw the million-hour long very good American Gangster.

All in all, a top notch weekend.