May 10, 2007

More Kate TK


Didn't get your Kate Moss for Topshop fix yesterday? There's still time. Worth Global Style Network is reporting this morning that Barneys plans to continue carrying the Kate Moss for Topshop line in future seasons, as Topshop plans to turn the line into a long-term global brand.

In the meantime, if you missed the first shipment, which sold out early on at Barneys 61st St. and Barneys in Beverly Hills, you can still buy the pieces at Barneys Coops around New York, at Opening Ceremony's Soho and L.A. stores, and online at and

"Everyone is asking for more denim," says Topshop PR rep Andrew Leahy about the upcoming Kate Moss Topshop collection for fall, "but for us I think it's more interesting to do more design-specific pieces and I think that will come through. I think it will grow. She has one more week and then she has her own [Topshop] office.

"For autumn, I know it's going to be really special one-off things. The limited-edition things will go up -- we have these limited-edition dresses here -- ten of some, 30 of others -- but I think that the main thing is that she'll understand the way Topshop works in a fast fashion sense and I think she'll get more into that thing."