April 19, 2007

Haute List

April 19, 2007 -- Need buzz? No sweat

THE last time celebrity publicist Jonathan Cheban launched a clothing line, back in 2004, he broke the price barrier on T-shirts - charging a then-unheard-of $45 for printed short-sleeve cotton tops.

But once his best pals - stars Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and then-"Newlywed" Jessica Simpson - were snapped wearing them on a near-daily basis, the novelty shirts flew off store shelves. It helps to have professional red-carpet walkers as friends.
That's why, this week, it's time to pony up and brown-nose your favorite sales associates at Intermix (intermixonline.com) and Shvitz (shvitznyc.com). Kritik, Cheban's brand-new line of comfortwear, has arrived in New York and will be placed on floors in the next few days. It's virtually guaranteed to sell out fast.

The line, launched at a celeb-saturated party in Miami, debuted on the Left Coast just last week - and as soon as Kritik arrived, Britney Spears swooped into Lisa Kline (lisakline.com), the trendy boutique on star-studded North Robertson, and scooped up the "Ashlee" striped hoodie ($150) and the "Jessica" striped gathered shorts ($82), both pictured.

Uncommon scents
CAN a perfume really make you eat less, attract men and maybe even hit the gym a little harder? We tried out a few new "aromas with extras" to see how they work:

Scentology, $25 each at target.com
The promise: A spritz of one of the three scents on your neck and decolletage will curb cravings, improve your mood or give you an energy

Bliss Booster: Scentology's Bliss smells like a combination of fruity pineapples and well-meaning cheap perfume. Seriously, though, this silly little spray both brightened my mood and made me laugh at myself for spraying something called "Bliss" on my body.

Crave Control: A smell to avoid the afternoon Cheetos binge seemed too good to be true. And, it was. The sweet formula smelled so good for a second I thought about spraying it directly into my mouth. But it didn't stop me from eating lunch.

Endurance Enhancer: Skepticism was sprayed away with a liberal application to my neck and chest just before a four-mile run. The formula's proprietary, but it smelled minty, with a lingering pleasant soapy smell and - no fooling - I felt more energized and invigorated throughout my usual run - and for hours afterward. Go figure.

Dr. Perricone Neuropeptide Synergy Anti-Aging Aromatic Pheremone, $250 at Sephora
Promise: To improve mood, mental clarity, stress, lack of self-confidence and increase your overall sense of well-being.
Results: Big, fat nothing. For $250 we would have had better luck splurging on a massage at Cornelia Day Spa.

Flirty Little Secret Firming Cream with Pheromones, $32 at bootyparlor.com
Promise: To make you irresistible to the opposite sex. And thin, too!
Results: I didn't notice anything different about my day. A clique of ugly, bald, short guys in gnarled Fair Isle sweaters and leather jackets kind of clustered around me on the train and were doing lots of pay-attention-to-me gorilla-man stuff (like propping their feet up on the pole and grunting), but I chalked that up to just a day in the life.

Obsessions of the week
* In the trenches: Can't commit to a full-length coat this spring? British denim brand Radcliffe has the perfect solution - the black Battersea Blouson Trench, a short version of the classic coat, $450 at Barneys. We love it because it's soft, stylish and will match with almost everything.
* Good hair day: Stop by the Nexxus Shear Genius salon today at the Time Warner Center from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for free hairstyling by one of 10 top Nexxus stylists. You'll even get a gift from Nexxus, Allure and Bravo TV. The salon is located on the second floor, in front of Borders.
* Ropes for dopes: Can't keep tabs on your things? Leash 'em - everyone else is. For your phone, try the braided leather "la leash" cell-phone loop, $100 at laloop.com. Keep track of your bubbly with Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Minis that come with a wrist strap . Or, wear around part of the new Miss Boucheron eau de parfum ($102) that hits Nordstrom next month - the jeweled cord doubles as a necklace or bracelet.
* Perfect panties: Our hearts skipped a beat when we discovered Old Navy brought back its amazing line of mesh boy shorts, this time in pretty spring colors. It's been years since we've seen them there, so we suggest stocking up on dozens of the $4 pairs.