March 15, 2007

Metal, Hardcore, Unearth -- Should I bring earplugs?

Today my friend IMed me from LA:

E: Hey what are you doing Wed 25 Apr? I will be in NY for 1 day 1 night for Unearth before going to Metal Fest in Worcester

Me: What's Unearth?

E: Unearth is a band.

Me: Oh.

E: It's our label's 25th Anniversary too, so there's like a show and party at Metal Fest. You should come with!

Me: You're all going in a bus from NY to Worcester??

E: Yeah!

Me: That's crazy! Hey, holy crap, Unearth has 3 million plays on myspace!

E: Yeah! Come!

Me: I need a road trip.

So come late April I'll be heading up to Worcester for the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and I'm psyched! I don't know anything about metal or hardcore, but I've been thinking, lately, that I really need to broaden my horizons -- I've spent years and years hanging around with the same kind of crowd (fashion people and academics) and although I live and die for my closest friends, I'm turning 30 this year and want to experience and see and hear as much as possible as soon as possible -- before someone spots me at a show somewhere and gives me the "weird old person" dirty look. And while living abroad and going to grad school to study fun things was amazing, there's so much to do outside the little world of media, magazines, books, tv, and jaded urbanites I live in...