February 05, 2007

Fashion BUZZ Monday



February 5, 2007 -- LOOKS as if Miss USA is getting high again - this time on her own sordid fame.
Tara Conner showed up at pageant designer Tadashi Shoji's runway show with two burly bodyguards. The former coke queen ignored everyone, our spy reported, and the muscle kept away autograph seekers.

Since Donald Trump decided to let her keep her crown, Conner has been milking her tale of almost blowing it. She flew in to Fashion Week from Los Angeles, where she appeared on "The Tonight Show," and she was flying out to the West Coast again today to visit the Academy Awards suites.

"She think she's getting a ticket to the Oscars," the spy said. "But no one else thinks so."

n It was an "America's Next Top Model" reunion when "noted fashion photographer" Nigel Barker and "Miss" J. Alexander convened front row at the Sass & Bide show. Barker, fresh off judging the Miss America pageant, griped loudly about his experience. "It was hilarious, f---ing hilarious. Talk about tragedy," he said.

Meanwhile, Alexander weighed in on Tyra Banks' recent fat beef with the media. "Tyra's chest is her success, and her ass is her cash," he quipped.

n Looks like there's no love lost between "Project Runway" Season One winner Jay McCarroll and the show's inimitable Tim Gunn. "They were five seats away from each other at the Perry Ellis show, and they hardly even looked at one another," our spy said. "They avoided each other like the plague. They didn't talk at all."