January 12, 2007

The idiot-proof diet

Today I was reading India Knight's story, "No More Size Two-Zero" in the London Sunday Times Online. It's her first-hand account of how after college, mid-career, post-two-kids, she found herself weighing 224 pounds and wearing a size 16-18 (US Size, about a size 20 UK).

I highly recommend having a look at it yourself here.

One particular passage she wrote really rang true to me:

"By that stage, my stomach -- never my best feature -- was a disaster area. I avoided looking at it in the bath and made sure my then husband never got a look at it. As my marriage started falling apart, I did the opposite of what you'd expect someone in that situation to do (fade away): I ate more. It seems to be true that in moments of stress, some women bump up the portions to make themselves bigger. Bigger equals strong, braver, harder to squash, harder to hurt, harder to ignore or dismiss. It's as though the fat becomes a carapace, a sort of protective outer shell. Illness, divorce, stress, the death of a parent: if you're the coper in your family (and I always have been), chances are you'll realise at some stressful point that you can't actually cope at all."