December 30, 2006

Not just minimalist -- small minimalist

Once upon a time I lived in a 1100 square foot two-bedroom apartment all by myself. The space was great, but, truth be told, 1100 square feet is far too big for one New York City career girl to handle on her own -- too many options for where to leave piles of clothes, shoes, papers, and to make a mess.

So now I live in a 400 square foot studio, which is, for me, the perfect size for one person. Only problem? I have to edit my belongings in a serious way -- can't buy just anything I want anymore because I can't just go out and buy extra storage space (I've used nearly all available wall space in my flat -- I mean, I have a piano...). No additional shelves or drawers will fit in my place.

So there's this store on Seventh Street between 1st Ave and Avenue A called Tiny Living that stocks small-scale furniture and products to furnish these small boxes we live in here in NYC. Today I dropped by for the first time and picked up this great toothbrush/toiletries holder for my bathroom wall. Ta-da! Counter spaced saved.

They even have tiny sofas and chairs. Check it out.