December 31, 2006

Know any geeks like me?

About a month ago, I bought a Nintendo DS and the Nintendogs game. I did it because one night I was out for dinner with my friend Akari, a very very cool girl I first met in Paris years ago. I mean, she is cool. And she is obsessed with Nintendogs.

So like I was saying, we were having dinner at Blaue Gans and she whipped out her pink Nintendo DS and showed me her new 'pet'. Her dog rolled over on command and loves having its tummy rubbed. We even played with toys -- her puppy loved when we blew bubbles at it. Yes, sitting in the middle of one of New York's best Austrian restaurants blowing bubbles at a Nintendo screen.

Anyway, From that moment? I was sold.

Now I have two Nintendogs -- two corgis: Buggles (pirate hat) and Goober (cowboy hat):


The idea is that you feed them, water them, take them for walks, play with them (my dogs can jump rope! No joke!), and train them to participate in competitions. You're given a set amount of money at the beginning and, in order to afford food, accessories, toys, and (most importantly) more dogs, you have to train your dog to do tricks (they respond to voice commands!) and win at agility and disc competitions. It's amazing.

Ooh, you also have to bathe them so they don't get fleas (they get dirty after going to the park):


And if your friends have Nintendogs too, you can beam to each others' handhelds and your dogs can play!

Seriously, this is the best fake-pet ever. No poop to clean up!

Say hello to everyone, Buggles!