December 31, 2006

Hollywood can read your mind

To occupy all this extra free-time during this holiday season -- seriously, give me three days off without travel plans and I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself (ordinarily I only have enough time-sucks to last a normal, 48-hour weekend) -- I've been entertaining myself with screens -- TV, catching up on emails and other computer stuff, and seeing movies like they're going out of fashion.

Like, this morning, I woke up around 10:30 and, by 11:30, was at the movie theater watching Dreamgirls, which was good, but didn't floor me.

Last weekend I saw two movies: first, The Pursuit of Happyness, which was lovely, but one of those films where when you've seen the trailer you've seen it all. The child is brilliant and Will Smith is earnest, as always. It was definitely a feel-good film, perfect for Christmas weekend.

I also saw The Holiday.

Now, I loved 'The Holiday' -- loved in that sort of unreasonable, irrational way that I know I will probably see it at least once more in the theatres and then buy the DVD the day it comes out and watch it three more times in one weekend.

See, the thing about this movie is that I really felt (and I think most women will, as well) that I could identify with a piece of each character -- Cameron Diaz's type-A career-woman character's ambition, Kate Winslet's pathetic puppy-eyed unrequited love for a hopeless man, Jack Black's feeling that he's not good enough to be loved, and Jude Law's -- well, I don't know what I identified with about Jude Law's character except that he occasionally drinks too much and has a really great library.**

**Footnote: A couple of weeks ago, I was having lunch with a friend down in the Lower East Side and Jude Law was sitting at the table next to ours clearly eavesdropping on our conversation and making ridiculous, loud declarations to his lunch companion (a guy) about how 'tasty' the food was. He is much better looking in person -- so much so that I totally didn't recognize him and was fully convinced (until the waitress informed me afterwards that it had, indeed, been Jude Law sitting across from me) that he and the other fellow were just a very suspiciously good looking male model gay couple from London.