December 14, 2006

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December 14, 2006 --

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Ugg! They won't die

THEY'RE the Ugg-ly trend that's hung around, amazingly, for four years - the giant fur boots women insist on wearing with everything, from jeans to skirts.

"Uggs are unbearable and need to leave town with the big glasses," says publicist and Kritik designer Jonathan Cheban. "Girls look like beasts walking down the street wearing them."

And yet ... they just won't GO AWAY.

Bloomingdale's? Sold out - and "we're not taking names because we don't know when they'll come in again," says a spokeswoman. Online? projects an 89-day wait and aren't shipping any more classic Uggs until Feb. 19, 2007.

The only way to wrangle a pair is to bid on eBay - where prices are currently around $150, or 25 percent higher than manufacturer's suggested retail - or overseas boutiques.

"We feel that this season particularly proves the permanence of these boots as a footwear staple," says brand spokeswoman Mary Slevin. "They're a trend that's managed to became a classic."

Ironic, since Uggs are practically the Spice Girls of the footwear world - platinum-selling, but no one you know will admit to actually liking them. The closest we could get to a testimonial? "Um, they're really practical," one wearer says. Function over form trumps all in the urban tundra.

- Danica Lo

Obsessions of the week

MORE FLASH THAN CASH: Save money and be good to the Earth this season by wrapping gifts in reusable or recyclable materials. Or "give a service any New Yorker would love: a free housekeeping visit from zenhomecleaning .com," says eco-stylist Danny Seo. "They use nontoxic products and even turn down the bed." Try this and other top Earth-friendly holiday tips from Seo's book "Simply Green Giving."

* PEACE OFFERINGS: Alex and Ani, famous for those expandable charm bracelets, has a new, genius design - a necklace that expands from 15 inches all the way to 30 inches. The dainty 18-karat gold charm necklace features a peace sign, fleur-de-lis and horn pendants, $175 exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue.

* PORTABLE LUXURY: Juicy Couture's Leather Ballerina Flats, $150 at, is a pair of supersoft foldable shoes that come packaged in a small, leather purse - perfect for packing on long plane trips and holiday vacations.

* SNOT-FREE: Graceful Services has the perfect way to help you kick that cold - an 80-minute decongestion massage that helps work the toxins out of your body by focusing on the right meridians. But be warned - no pain, no gain. The treatment hurts a little but actually cleared out our sinuses and head. $100, Graceful Service, 1097 Second Ave. (212) 593-9904.

* DIRTY GIRL: Jonathan Product's texturing Dirt was a runaway beauty best seller last year - now the long-locked can get in on the action with light-as-air Silky Dirt, $28 at

• WINO SKIN: Carlo Mondavi, grandson of Napa winemaker Robert Mondavi, is using Grandpa's grapes to make face cream. Davi - the line of skin care - is available at Bergdorf Goodman and includes Le Grand Cru face cream, $175; Vine Fresh Lotion, $48.50; Moscato Purifying Cleanser, $38.50; and Harvest Mist Tone, $38.50.