December 30, 2006

The best room fragrance I've ever used

I just unwrapped and set up this Aedes de Venustas Anthousa home fragrance in my apartment and have already sworn that I'll never use another home fragrance again. Well, until another drop-dead amazing one shows up on my doorstep in a matte black bottle.

It's sexy and sleek, minimalist and ultra-incredible smelling. Plus it's not chemical-ly at all -- and, while it might be intimidatingly pricey, I've used plenty of Anthousa and Alora Ambiance home fragrance before (they're both famous for doing the stick-in-bottle style of home scents), and each bottle has always lasted me upwards of SIX months -- most of the time, even more.

PS Right now I'm watching 'Boys on the Side' on HBO. Doesn't Drew Barrymore look amazing in this film?