October 02, 2006

It's just me, huh?

This is really annoying, but it's so just me.

American Eagle Outfitters has so many amazing slimming clothes -- perfect hip-length V-neck tees, sweaters, henleys, solid colors perfect for layering, great fitted-but-rugged hoodies... I could go on and on. So go there.

Here's what's annoying: the store near me? Doesn't have ANY black items. Not one. I like black clothes, especially basics. So this drove me totally crazy today. I walked in, got super-excited about all the great stretchy shapes and sizes they have. After trawling through endless rails and shelves of amazing tank-tops, V-necks, and long henleys and discovering there was not one black item in the store? I had a minor meltdown.

Freak out.

Anyway, for all you color-lovers out there, go crazy. Love ya.