October 09, 2006

Happy Victims

For years I've been obsessed with photographer Kyoichi Tsuzuki's ongoing project, "Happy Victims," wherein Tsuzuki documents people's obsessions with specific designers.

On the left here is the apartment of a buddhist monk who keeps a small pied a terre in Tokyo which he visits once a month to shop and stow his purchases -- which, for the most part, are Comme des Garcons. When out of monk's robes, he wears only Comme. He is a Garconiste.

Here, on the right, is the apartment of a woman who is obsessed with and compulsively collects Anna Sui. She also admits to owning a slew of Anna Sui cosmetics.

Anyway, I am obsessed with this photo documentary project, and have been for some time. So I got to thinking, and I always like to ask people, "If you had to choose one designer to wear, fill your home with, and live the aesthetic of, which designer would you choose?"

Me, hands down, I'd choose Martin Margiela. It baffles me how every season, whether totally wacked out or completely subtle and understated, Margiela can predict exactly what I want to look like. Here are some of my favorite looks from his Spring 2007 collection, which he just showed during Paris fashion week this October.




Which designer would you choose?