June 30, 2006

hell-sinki will surely become my favorite summer holiday destination

Tuesday night I have dates with Tuomas, Chris, Rami, Linda, Yann, Daniel, Laura, Kaapo, and maybe even the Teenage Caveman.

Helsinki is this amazing utopia of a city in summertimes. Beautiful, sunny, ultra-efficient and super-modern -- all without being impersonal and cold. It's slick glassware, salty black licorice, rye Carelian pastries, and skinny boys who do their hair and eyeliner every morning as an ode to Hanoi Rocks. (Soooo cute.)

And now that the diaspora of young creative talent is back in town after extended expat stints in London, Paris, and Berlin, it's cooler than it's ever been before.

Check out the slightly hilarious site Hel-Looks which is, oddly, both sanctioned and recommended viewing by the Finnish Tourist Board.